Tuesday, 21 July 2015

DUN Bukit Gasing Community Activity Grant (CAG)


Pejabat DUN Bukit Gasing encourages the cooperation between the office and Bukit Gasing residents and organizations who are interested in community programs that serve the broader community. We have adopted the following program guidelines and application materials in order to ensure a fair and equitable process for allocating CAG funds.
The CAG funds programs which fosters and encourages the growth of harmonious community relationships within Bukit Gasing.  Groups, clubs, and organizations are likewise eligible for CAG funding, but should review guidelines carefully in order to determine their eligibility. Please note that we do not fund programs which do not benefit the residents of BukitGasing.

The maximum CAG allocation per project for 2015 is RM 15,000.00. Of which no more than 10% should be used to pay for non-programme costs.  In addition, please note that groups can only receive (1) grant per year.

Please note that all submissions should be done by email (bukitgasing.grants@gmail.com) or by post to:

Bukit Gasing Community Activity Grants
Pejabat ADUNBukit Gasing
84A (FirstFloor) Jalan Othman 1/14
46000Petaling Jaya


1)   Read and review the Guidelines to determine your eligibility for the grant.
2)   Complete the proposal clearly and in detail.
3)   Submit the following documents to bukitgasing.grants@gmail.com:
  • a)   Completed GAC proposal;
  • b)   Photostat copy of ICs of Programme Directors or Organizers;
  • c)   Any additional supporting documents.
Shortlisted applicants will be requested to come for an interview before the final selection is made.

In order to maximize your group’s potential for CAG funding, we encourage you to review all of the proposal guidelines, address the strengths and weaknesses of your programme, and prepare a clear proposal.

Finally, please note other sources of funding if any. We wish to reiterate that there is no guarantee that your project will be chosen as the recipient of the grant.


The following shall be the guiding principles for allocating CAG funds designated for community programs.

1)  The program, activity,or service should focus on better inter-and intra-community relationships and cooperation, community health and wellness, and empowerment.

2)  The programme design should be consistent with the community’s interests and needs and Bukit Gasing residents should be actively involved in the programme.

3) The programme is funded using the Selangor State annual allocation for DUN of Bukit Gasing. As such, the Selangor State crest should appear in all promotional materials of the program. All recipient programme materials should also bear the words “Supported by Pejabat ADUN Bukit Gasing”.

4)  Programme organizers should exhibit previous experience related to the proposed activity.

5)  Groups should demonstrate the ability to complete the proposed programme through the adequate use of resources, commitment to community partnerships, and sound programme organization, among others.

6)  The programme should be carried out within the DUN Bukit Gasing constituency and should directly benefit the residents of Bukit Gasing.

7)  The programme must adhere to all relevant legal codes and statutes of the State of Selangor and of Malaysia.


Eligibility for CAG funding is determined by the following guidelines:

  • Applicants for the grant should be residents of Bukit Gasing or clubs, societies, or organizations. The programme applied for should be able to demonstrate a direct benefit to residents of Bukit Gasing.
  • The CAG will not fund the following:
  • Programmes directly subscribed to by the residents through their respective Resident’s Associations, such as Neighbourhood Watch Programmes and Gated and Guarded Schemes. This is due to the fact that we directly contribute to the RAs and RTs annually as well as through direct solicitations initiated by the RAs and the RTs.
  • Publicity and/or Marketing programmes
  • Scholarships
  • Travel Expenses
  • School Field Trips
  • Medical and/or Hospital Bills
  • Purchase of School Supplies or Books for private use
  • Political Campaigns
  • As outlined in the CAG statement of principles programmes must be community - initiated, organized, and directed, and must directly benefit the residents of Bukit Gasing.
  • Organizations with existing resources or other sources of funds may apply for certain elements of the programme.
  • Both continuing and new programmes are eligible to apply for CAG funding. Continuing programmes are strongly encouraged to incorporate evaluations and community input in determining programme goals and objectives each year.
  • The CAG shall exercise discretion in funding “start-up” costs for new programmes, taking into consideration the feasibility of the program and its alignment with CAG goals and principles.

Please note that submitting a proposal to the CAG does not guarantee full or partial funding. All approved funding are contingent upon compliance with the Terms of Agreement between the successful applicant and Pejabat DUN Bukit Gasing. In addition, prior CAG funding does not guarantee continued funding, either in part or in whole.

The maximum CAG allocation per project is RM15,000. However, there is no guarantee that we will be able to fund the total cost of the project.


CAG funds are provided through the annual Selangor State allocation forADUNs, which have specific restrictions on their use. Programmes funded by the CAG are required tocomply with all rules and regulations of Malaysia and of the State of Selangor,including the following:

  • CAG funds cannot be used for honoraria or salaries
  • CAG funds cannot be used to pay for standard operating costs (i.e. rent) of a community partner.
  • CAG funds cannot be used to purchase alcoholic beverages
  • CAG cannot be used for activities with political undertones. As such, no political party logos are allowed to be used in conjunction with the programme
  • CAG funds cannot be used for private parties, family reunions, and the like

**Failure to comply with these policies will result in the withholding of programme funds.
**We also reserve the right to audit recipient programmes as we see fit.

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