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Why Your Vote Counts

Every vote matters in Selangor

We have delivered results across the state and garnered the people's support, but widespread gerrymandering means some seats are not as secure as they should be.

Every vote matters even more elsewhere

There are many marginal seats such as Raub, Bentong, Cameron Highlands — and more. Return to your hometown to vote if you're registered there.

Be active, take action

Do what you can to support a clean and fair election.

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You can make a difference this #GE14 #PakatanHarapan

Rajiv's Track Record

As the 2013-18 Bukit Gasing State Assemblyman, Rajiv is known for his strong presence in the community. He's delivered on his campaign promise to be accessible to residents — through weekly face-to-face service centre nights, town halls, community activities, legal aid and more.

Rajiv has dealt with over 4,000 public complaints and suggestions, in addition to making key improvements to residents' safety and quality of life.

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Managing Development Issues

Halted KIDEX Highway: The first major Federal project to ever be halted by a State Government 🇲🇾 Guarded against overbuilding by developers 🇲🇾 Created more green spaces — Railway Park @ PJ Old Town; 13,841 trees planted by MBPJ in 2014-16

Improving Traffic & Public Transportation

Introduced PJ Free Bus 🇲🇾 Increased park-and-ride parking bays at Asia Jaya LRT, Taman Jaya LRT 🇲🇾 Refurbished PJ State car parks

Fighting Crime

Equipped all RAs and RTs interested in patrolling with walkies, batons, uniforms and bicycles 🇲🇾 Lit up dark corners in Bukit Gasing 🇲🇾 Distributed "I Love PJ" stickers with hotline numbers

Improving Local Government Services

Solved flooding problems in Old Town, Section 12, Section 18 with MBPJ upgrades to drainage system 🇲🇾 Major pipe replacement through Select Committee on Water Services 🇲🇾 Reduced landfill through food waste composting workshops 🇲🇾 Started waste separation and recycling initiative in Section 11 PJ 🇲🇾 Distributed anti-mosquito magnets 🇲🇾 Spring cleaning — free removal of furniture and appliances 2 times a year 🇲🇾 Illegal advertisements removal programme 🇲🇾 First trap neuter release programme in Section 14

Assisting The Needy

Free Lunch Programme for the poor at SJKT Vivekananda 🇲🇾 Started the Bukit Gasing Food Bank 🇲🇾 Free wheelchair for OKUs living in Bukit Gasing 🇲🇾 Free transport to hospitals and government agencies 🇲🇾 Tuition Rakyat 🇲🇾 Painting of low cost flats at Gasing Indah

Improving Recreation

Roofing of multipurpose court at the MBPJ Rakan Muda Centre 🇲🇾 Refurbished the PJ Hockey Stadium and Astaka Sports Complex 🇲🇾 Upgraded neighbourhood parks in Bukit Gasing

Rajiv's Pledge for GE14

A Renewed Pledge to:

  • Manage development issues and protect our green lungs

  • Cut business red tape, spur the economy and reduce corruption

  • Improve traffic and public transport

  • Conserve the environment

  • Spruce up our city

  • Be accessible, make decisions in the community's best interests, and be 100% free of corruption

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